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Sayco Decor

ABOUT Sayco Decor is committed to quality as well as latest trends, designs and elegance through unparalleled requirement analysis, planning, designing and execution. The strength of our design team, lies not only in the versatility of its designs but also in the mixed cultural experiences resulting from travels around the world, which help us the vision of the client into a space which is unique and breathtaking yet pleasantly comfortable and easy to maintain. The space we design reflects the personality of our clients, their needs, their style and their persona. We develop a personal relationship with our clients to be able to translate their passion, their dreams and their vision into a design which is unique and unparalleled. We provide end to end services from planning, designing and execution of spaces by handing over to the client a complete project within a mutually agreed time schedule and budget to suit their requirements.

Selection & Installation

I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of creating the space that people have envisioned. Whether it’s taking the old and transforming into a new and exciting space, or building fresh and making the new feel as though it’s been there for generations. I dream in pictures and I love seeing those pictures come to life.
Installation art sits right on that curious border between architecture, art and interior design – part physical experiment, part personal expression and part designed space. These works of installation artists show the untapped potential of spatial experience not often seen in more purely functional (or purely artistic) works of design.